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Portfolio Management
The heart of our business is managing investment portfolios for our clients.  As fee-based advisors, our interests are perfectly aligned with our clients', and our focus and objective is increasing the wealth of the families we work with.
Portfolio solutions are based on your unique circumstances, with either discretionary or non-discretionary account options:
Discretionary Portfolio Managed Accounts
Our premier service, this is suitable for investors who wish to delegate the day-to-day management of their investments to a Portfolio Manager.
Suitable for busy entrepreneurs, snowbirds or investors with the desire to free themselves of the regular management of their funds.
Investment Advisory Accounts
Designed for investors who wish to make the final investment decisions.
Suitable for investors who have considerable investment experience and who wish to play an active role in the management of their portfolio.
The Options Advantage
The use of conservative options strategies within your investment portfolios can provide:
Downside protection:  The use of a protective put strategy provides a layer of protection that you cannot get in traditional, long-only, investment accounts.
Increased Income:  Implementing a covered call strategy can increase the flow of income into your portfolio, an important component of long-term growth.
Note:  Options are not suitable for everyone.  Always discuss pros and cons with your advisor.
Whether invested in a discretionary or non-discretionary account, our investment methodology remains consistent, and is modeled on proven techniques used by the masters.
Conservative by nature, we do not speculate, follow the crowd, or continually buy and sell. We measure success by long-term progress and unwavering financial security.
We also have a solid understanding of how psychology influences financial decisions, which allows us to better help our clients make sound investment decisions.
Of course, it is impossible to completely predict or control the future. Our responsibility is to prepare our clients for all contingencies, ensuring financial peace of mind during both turbulent times and periods of prosperity.
Focused on Rewards. Cognizant of Risk.